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Charming Prague Hotels | 22. 6. 2015

Popularity of Prague is growing every spring. Nice weather, a lot of historical sights and the extraordinary renown of the Prague history are inviting a lot of foreign visitors from the whole World. Prague airport is for the most of foreign visitors the first place of introduction with Czech Republic wherefrom they have to come to their reserved hotels in the historical center, which they choose on the internet. But they start the question, which taxi / transportation do I have to get?

Awareness of Prague taxi drivers
Maybe you´ve read the stories about Prague's taxi drivers. The story goes that Prague taxi drivers are giving double or triple prices to foreign visitors when travelling from Prague airport to their hotel in Prague. Then you think, if it has to happen to you as well. A lot of friends that were in the Prague in the past told you those stories about stealing taxi drivers. And now you are a little scared about it.

Travel options from the Prague airport
Price risk of the taxi taken just on street is not such of risk as a story says. But if you need to have a feel of safety -  order the taxi before you take the flight to Prague. At the same time when you ordering the charming hotel in the Prague. Charming Prague Hotels have a private taxi service with fixed and known price for transport from the Prague airport. So order our transfer from the Prague airport together with the accommodation in your charming hotel. You can also book during online reservation process oron the page of our services.
We offer you a pick-up service from the airport for 590 CZK/car (up to 4 people) or for 950 CZK (up to 8 people) by our taxi driver. This offer is available on the page of your reservation summary (after reservation has been made).

If you've ordered Prague hotel without our transport service you can make a deal with hotels directly (they mostly send their own confirmation too). Make sure to know the price of the transport before you arrive. Just tell them the number of your flight, time of arrival and the city where does it fly from. And the taxi driver will wait for you at the Prague airport at the exact time (even in case of delay).
Other option how to get from the Prague airport to the centrally located hotel which you dreamed for is to take a yellow cab just in front of the departure hall - ask the driver for the price before you entering the car. For your orientation if your charming hotel is in the centre of the Prague, the price shouldn't be more than 700 CZK.

Confidence of service and price
If you keep in your mind those rules, then the time which you would spend in the Prague would be just perfect. You will really enjoy the time in the quality hotel and in the whole historical Prague. You can rely on our and hotel's transport services from Prague airport. It is the best way how to get from the Prague airport to the centrally located prague hotels.

Public trasportation possibilities
You can also take bus no. 119 from the Airport to the metro stop NADRAZI VELESVIN (the final stop of this bus). Then continue by metro - line A (Green Line) to the center. It takes about 50 minutes and will cost you about 32 CZK per person (you have to buy ticket for 32 CZK / person at the airport and validate it in the bus yellow device).
Similar is bus no. 100 from the Airport to the subway stop ZLICIN (the final stop of this bus). Then continue by metro - line B (Yellow Line)  to the center. It takes about 60 minutes and will cost you the same.
There are also other buses (179, 254) to the center, but they are slower.
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