Why book with us?

1) Quality guaranteed:
You don\'t have to search reviews for hotels - we offer only good centrally located hotels (we are locals with good knowledge of all hotels we offer). You can check quality of hotels from our list on Tripadvisor (label with link on the page of each hotel).

2) Save money:
Often lower prices than our competitors and never higher than hotel directly. If there is a lower rate available for the same dates and the same hotel just contact us within 24 hours from booking (or before you make it). After verifying the \"lower\" rate, we will match it (at least) - Best price guaranteed! (Please note: check-in/out dates need to be the same, room type, board basis and cancellation policy need to be identical). Reservation is free - we never charge any booking fee!

3) Free cancellation:
No fee if you keep cancellation conditions (mostly more liberal than with others). Cancellation conditions are always shown during the final stage of the reservation process - just before you fill in your credit card details.

4) Excellent service:
We are experienced enough to find what you are looking for and to recommend the best available /possible property according to your request. You can also call us or chat with our Local Experts online. Some benefits we offer in room details are not available anywhere else.

5) You know exactly what you are buying:
Many objective features (e.g. distance from points of interest), many photos and detailed description of particular rooms you are reserving, description of locality including Streetview and videos (if available), labels of quality from Tripadvisor and our readiness to answer your questions will help you to make the right decision. All hotels are compared on 1 page at once!

We also recommend to look on webcams on the page http://www.charming-prague-hotels.com/prague-webcam and other details about Prague on the map http://www.charming-prague-hotels.com/map or in articles about Prague http://www.charming-prague-hotels.com/articles

6) Quick booking:
Our booking engine is developed to maximum user-friendly shape and we keep on working to improve it all the time. Upon making reservation, it will be handled directly by the hotel of your choice - there are no other intermediaries in involved. Of course, we supervise whole process carefully.

7) Our flexibility :
No need to give your credit card details right away - you can use the non binding \"Info request\" or send an enquiry via email to booking@charming-prague-hotels.com at first (then, you can book online, by calling / sending us fax. You can also chat with our Local Experts online (usualy available from 9:30 to 16:30 CET). This is also the best way for Travel agents and business partners. We have better, quicker and wider services than agencies from abroad!

How to book / reserve online?

We aimed at making this site as friendly as possible to all visitors. For more comfort, you can either reserve online getting an instant confirmation of your lodging arrangement or by sending us email inquiry - booking@charming-prague-hotels.com or try our online chat.

Online reservation
We recommend to choose enquired date at first (you can configure your request more in "more options"). Then you will be able to filter the search results of available hotels (unavailable hotels can be added). You can sort hotels by price for particular number of people, category or distance from most important parts of Prague and see photos of some room types. You can choose your favourite hotels and then follow just with them. On the page of particular hotel you can decide while looking at the photos, exact location on the map of Prague, Streetview, Videos or Benefits offered to each particular room. You can quickly find results for particullar hotel by typing it's name into the search box in the left column and bottom of the page.

There is always list of similar hotels down on the page of each hotel.

You can also make the reservation by sending us your credit card details by fax or call us - we will ask for your email or other contact to send you confirmation Voucher in such a case.

Taxi Transfers and other Services
On the final page of reservation (where you enter credit card details) is the offer of our transfer - you can easily book it there for a reasonable price (680 CZK for up to 4 people or 950 CZK for car up to 8 people from the airport). We can also arrange transfers from the train stations (price to be confirmed before booking). It is also possible to order transfers from our Services page, where you will also find complete offer of Sightseeing tours in Prague and around, Tickets and Car rental.

Info request
Should you have any further questions that were not answered in the online reservation mode or make sure that particular rooms are available. It is also good way for enquiring of more rooms / group reservations.

Chat with Local Experts
You will hardly get a better advise in such a short notice.

How long does the online reservation process take?
It takes just a few minutes and the reservation Voucher confirmation is sent to you automaticaly as soon as you finish the reservation process by submiting the reservation form. You can also book other services (Sightseeing, Car rental, etc.) after finishing reservation.

In case you find Prague hotel you like but it seems that it is not available (does not offer room you enquire) or if you have other questions about Prague hotels do not hesitate to contact us.

It might even happen that you find higher price of choosen Prague accommodation than elsewhere (we hope that not)... please let us know in such a case and we will match whatever offer you have seen!

How do you know your reservation is confirmed/OK?

After completing and sending us your reservation form, you will get an automatic reservation Voucher confirmation by e-mail. Therefore, it is necessary to fill in the e-mail address correctly (that's why "@" is prefilled in reservation form...) and better leave your phone number.

In case you have not received any reservation confirmation please contact us at booking@charming-prague-hotels.com or call us at 00420 225 388 120. Additionally, you can use our online Chat. We will check your reservation at the hotel and we will reply as soon as possible.

For your convenience direct phone number to the hotel is stated in the email Voucher). Please wait some time after making reservation to let them process your reservation and avoid misunderstandings. 

All you need to do (once you recieved Voucher that your reservation has been processed) is to come to the hotel and say your name (better bring printed Voucher). We kindly ask you to confirm reception of the Voucher by short message (just reply to the email).

Payment is usually directly at  the hotel upon arrival (written on the Voucher) - please note that Advance Purchase and Non Refundable reservations can be charged by the hotel at the time of booking (always see the Booking policies to avoid misunderstanding).

Payment in cash?

Yes, you can pay with cash when you arrive at the hotel. However, in order to make the booking we do need your credit card details to guarantee the booking.

How to change or cancel booking?

If you decide to change or cancel your reservation, please let us know by e-mail to booking@charming-prague-hotels.com or info@charming-prague-hotels.com

You can also call us at 00420 225 388 120 
or send a fax at 00420 225 388 245

Critical time for cancellation is each day at 18:00 hours CET (Central European Time). It means that if you for example have to cancel at least 24 hours before arrival and you have reservation from 3rd of January (arrival), you have to send (we should recieve) cancellation until 18 CET on 1st January to avoid cancellation fee.

Why are credit card details necessary?

The hotel requires your credit card details to guarantee your reservation ONLY (only exceptions are non-refundable reservations like Early Bird, Hot Deal or Advance purchase - always check policies to avoid misunderstanding). Your card will NOT be charged until your arrival. Nevertheless, hotels reserve the right to pre-authorize your credit card.

Usually the payment is on your check-out. Some hotels might ask for a method of payment upon arrival - whether it is cash, bankers cheque or credit card. 

Only if you fail to cancel your reservation in time (cancellation conditions are on Reservation Form, Reservation Summary and your Voucher) and do not arrive at the hotel, credit card will be charged with a cancellation fee - usually equal to the cost of the first night´s accommodation (written on confirmation Voucher you recieve). 

Most hotels accept all major credit cards, however, there are exceptions. You can see on the page of each hotel a list of the credit cards that are accepted by the hotel (right next to the photo of the building, bellow adress).

Please note that the Card CVV2/CVC2 is NOT a pin code (which is of course strictly confidental).

More information.


Security and Privacy Policies
This site has security measures in place in order to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. We take the advantage of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption of all sensitive data, including credit card and billing information. In addition to SSL encryption, we regularly audit all activity on our servers, and perform routine security analysis of all systems, datastores, and procedures to ensure that information is not compromised.

Booking without credit card?

Yes, but only rarely.
If you don´t possess credit card let us know (by e-mail booking@charming-prague-hotesl.com, use online chat or call us). We will try to make this non standard arrangement individualy with the hotel directly.

Please note :
All the hotels require credit card details (as a form of guarantee) to reserve a room. If you do not cancel the reservation within the cancellation notice period, and you do not arrive at the hotel, the hotel is entitled to charge the credit card (usualy for amount of the first night's accommodation only).

If hotels had no credit card details, they would risk being left with an empty room and no payment. This is why a credit card is needed - to guarantee the booking.

Our hotels have usualy very high occupancy (we choose the best) and so they are quite sure to sell their rooms (in the high season at least)...it would not be fair to book and not to arrive (not only to the hotel, but also to other clients). The smaller hotel, the bigger problem if rooms stay unoccupied...and we offer the smaller (and nicer:-) ones...

Payment in cash?

Yes, you can pay in cash when you arrive at the hotel. However, in order to make the reservation we do need your credit card details to guarantee the booking.

Payment in cash may be sometimes cheaper as you do not have to pay bank fees.

Who is Charming Prague Hotels?

This website is operated by HOTELPRO, Ltd. with headquarters located at Budecska street No. 17, Prague 2, Czech Republic.

We specialize in providing accommodation in a limited number of hotels, others were carefully selected to comply with our strict criteria for location, charm, overall comfort and personalized service.

Contents of this website related to the different hotels are managed and regularly updated directly by the hotels on their own (we check them of course). Unlike hundreds of websites offering accommodation services around the globe, our website focuses on direct interaction between the customer, agency and the hotel, without redundant intermediary in order to spare time and funds to our clients.

However it must be balanced and should you need services that only agencies can provide - you can send us your enquiry to booking@charming-prague-hotels.com and we will be glad to find accommodation according to your wishes.

You can also use fax no. +420 225 388 245 or call us directly at +420 225 388 120
Our office is at the adress Na Porici 9, Prague 1.

Singularities of Charming Prague Hotels :
Our charming, comfortable hotels are all located within the historical city center. You will need only a few minutes walk to find yourself in the middle of Prague most desirable locations, being it historical, cultural or shopping attractions. Each charming hotel in the collection presents a unique and individual style with guest rooms enhanced by tastefully selected furnishings. Guests needs are anticipated by provision of all kind of extras. Whichever property you choose, The Charming Prague Hotels ensures a warm, personalized welcome with the perfect balance of comfort, location and price.

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