Booking without credit card?

Yes, but only rarely.
If you don´t possess credit card let us know (by e-mail, use online chat or call us). We will try to make this non standard arrangement individualy with the hotel directly.

Please note :
All the hotels require credit card details (as a form of guarantee) to reserve a room. If you do not cancel the reservation within the cancellation notice period, and you do not arrive at the hotel, the hotel is entitled to charge the credit card (usualy for amount of the first night's accommodation only).

If hotels had no credit card details, they would risk being left with an empty room and no payment. This is why a credit card is needed - to guarantee the booking.

Our hotels have usualy very high occupancy (we choose the best) and so they are quite sure to sell their rooms (in the high season at least) would not be fair to book and not to arrive (not only to the hotel, but also to other clients). The smaller hotel, the bigger problem if rooms stay unoccupied...and we offer the smaller (and nicer:-) ones...

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