How do you know your reservation is confirmed/OK?

After completing and sending us your reservation form, you will get an automatic reservation Voucher confirmation by e-mail. Therefore, it is necessary to fill in the e-mail address correctly (that's why "@" is prefilled in reservation form...) and better leave your phone number.

In case you have not received any reservation confirmation please contact us at or call us at 00420 225 388 120. Additionally, you can use our online Chat. We will check your reservation at the hotel and we will reply as soon as possible.

For your convenience direct phone number to the hotel is stated in the email Voucher). Please wait some time after making reservation to let them process your reservation and avoid misunderstandings. 

All you need to do (once you recieved Voucher that your reservation has been processed) is to come to the hotel and say your name (better bring printed Voucher). We kindly ask you to confirm reception of the Voucher by short message (just reply to the email).

Payment is usually directly at  the hotel upon arrival (written on the Voucher) - please note that Advance Purchase and Non Refundable reservations can be charged by the hotel at the time of booking (always see the Booking policies to avoid misunderstanding).

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