Why book with us?

1) Quality guaranteed:
You don\'t have to search reviews for hotels - we offer only good centrally located hotels (we are locals with good knowledge of all hotels we offer). You can check quality of hotels from our list on Tripadvisor (label with link on the page of each hotel).

2) Save money:
Often lower prices than our competitors and never higher than hotel directly. If there is a lower rate available for the same dates and the same hotel just contact us within 24 hours from booking (or before you make it). After verifying the \"lower\" rate, we will match it (at least) - Best price guaranteed! (Please note: check-in/out dates need to be the same, room type, board basis and cancellation policy need to be identical). Reservation is free - we never charge any booking fee!

3) Free cancellation:
No fee if you keep cancellation conditions (mostly more liberal than with others). Cancellation conditions are always shown during the final stage of the reservation process - just before you fill in your credit card details.

4) Excellent service:
We are experienced enough to find what you are looking for and to recommend the best available /possible property according to your request. You can also call us or chat with our Local Experts online. Some benefits we offer in room details are not available anywhere else.

5) You know exactly what you are buying:
Many objective features (e.g. distance from points of interest), many photos and detailed description of particular rooms you are reserving, description of locality including Streetview and videos (if available), labels of quality from Tripadvisor and our readiness to answer your questions will help you to make the right decision. All hotels are compared on 1 page at once!

We also recommend to look on webcams on the page http://www.charming-prague-hotels.com/prague-webcam and other details about Prague on the map http://www.charming-prague-hotels.com/map or in articles about Prague http://www.charming-prague-hotels.com/articles

6) Quick booking:
Our booking engine is developed to maximum user-friendly shape and we keep on working to improve it all the time. Upon making reservation, it will be handled directly by the hotel of your choice - there are no other intermediaries in involved. Of course, we supervise whole process carefully.

7) Our flexibility :
No need to give your credit card details right away - you can use the non binding \"Info request\" or send an enquiry via email to booking@charming-prague-hotels.com at first (then, you can book online, by calling / sending us fax. You can also chat with our Local Experts online (usualy available from 9:30 to 16:30 CET). This is also the best way for Travel agents and business partners. We have better, quicker and wider services than agencies from abroad!

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