Prague Hotels in Lesser town

Here is the complete list of hotels in Prague Lesser Town, which match quality and other requirements of Charming Prague Hotels. There is wonderful view from the most of these romantic places.


Why choose hotels in Prague Lesser Town?

The hotels in Lesser Town have their own atmosphere, which is ensemble by this mythic place. Lesser Town located on the left river bank, with its unique architecture and antique cobblestone streets, unchanged for centuries, is home to lots of foreign embassies, gardens and some best restaurants. If you are looking for something medieval, this is the place to stay. The historical core of the city is situated on both banks of the Vltava River (on the other bank is Prague Old Town and Prague New Town). Everything is easily accessible by foot, though the centre is very well connected by trams and 3 subway lines. Prague Lesser town is a favorite place to stay for intellectuals as it is more quiet.

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Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa*****


Luxury and distinctive hotel that reflects the nobility and charm of historic Prague.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.57 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.85 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.58 km
  • Prague Castle: 510 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 2.11 km
  • Charles Bridge: 733 meters
  • National Theatre: 1.04 km
  • Nearest Subway station - 1 km
€ 194/night

Complete service in quiet central area of Lesser Town....

Aria Hotel*****


Exclusively designed five star hotel, devoted to music. Nice and relaxing views of Baroque gardens, palaces, churches and roofs of Lesser Town will inspire you.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.47 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.95 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.68 km
  • Prague Castle: 428 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 2.21 km
  • Charles Bridge: 833 meters
  • National Theatre: 1.13 km
  • Nearest Subway station (Malostranska) - 0.8 km
€ 230/night

Awarded as World BEST LUXURY HOTEL 2009...

Residence Nosticova*****


A historic 17th century Residence, located on a small quiet cobblestone street in Mala Strana (Lesser Town), just two minutes from the famous Charles Bridge.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.83 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.61 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.39 km
  • Prague Castle: 841 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 1.85 km
  • Charles Bridge: 541 meters
  • National Theatre: 722 meters
  • Nearest Subway station - 1,1 km
€ 135/night

Luxury suites in quiet area of Prague center.

Best Western Premier Hotel Royal Palace*****


newly opened five star hotel in Prague Lesser Town with an exclusive views from most rooms to Prague Castle or to the quiet garden with river and roofs of Old Town behind.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.9 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.53 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.24 km
  • Prague Castle: 791 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 1.82 km
  • Charles Bridge: 466 meters
  • National Theatre: 928 meters
  • Nearest Subway station - 0.3 km
€ 129/night

Luxury rooms with exclusive views in the Lesser Town

Archibald At The Charles Bridge****


Unique view of the Vltava River and the pictoresque Kampa Island Plaza with a feeling of original atmosphere...a few steps from the famous Charles Bridge.

  • Airport (PRG): 13.04 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.38 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.14 km
  • Prague Castle: 963 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 1.64 km
  • Charles Bridge: 279 meters
  • National Theatre: 613 meters
  • Nearest Subway station - 0,5 km
€ 899/night

Romantic hotel next to The Charles Bridge.

Domus Balthasar****


Hotel is situated right at the Charles Bridge, in the heart of the oldest and most romantic part of Prague, The Lesser Town (Mala Strana).

  • Airport (PRG): 12.78 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.64 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.38 km
  • Prague Castle: 688 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 1.91 km
  • Charles Bridge: 528 meters
  • National Theatre: 878 meters
  • Nearest Subway station - 0,5 km
€ 108/night

Design hotel right at the Charles Bridge!

Residence U Cerneho Orla****


In the centre of Prague, this charming hotel is just yards from the historic Prague Charles Bridge and all the sights of this beautiful city.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.76 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.66 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.4 km
  • Prague Castle: 668 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 1.93 km
  • Charles Bridge: 548 meters
  • National Theatre: 896 meters
  • Nearest Subway station - 0,5 km
€ 99/night

Original rooms, free wifi...

Hotel The Charles****


Nice rooms with wooden painted ceilings on the Royal Route between Old Town and Prague Castle just a few steps from the Charles Bridge.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.71 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.71 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.44 km
  • Prague Castle: 622 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 1.97 km
  • Charles Bridge: 592 meters
  • National Theatre: 942 meters
  • Nearest Subway station (MALOSTRANSKA) - 0,5 km
€ 159/night

Romantic stay in Prague. Rates from 81 EUR/ 1 DBL.

Hotel Neruda Prague****


The building of Hotel Neruda dates back from 1348. Named after the Czech writer and poet Jan Neruda, who also spent some time in this building.

  • Airport (PRG): 11.99 km
  • Main Railway st.: 3.43 km
  • Old Town Square: 2.15 km
  • Prague Castle: 187 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 2.69 km
  • Charles Bridge: 1.31 km
  • National Theatre: 1.61 km
  • Nearest Subway station - 1 km
€ 75/night

Boutique hotel near the Prague Castle

Amour Hotel Residence****


Residence has a superb location, next to the Church of St. Nicholas on the Little Quarter Square in the historical center of Prague.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.59 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.83 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.55 km
  • Prague Castle: 497 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 2.1 km
  • Charles Bridge: 715 meters
  • National Theatre: 1.06 km
  • Nearest Subway station - 1,2 km
€ 83/night

Stay in luxury hotel located in Lesser Town, directly on Lesser Town Square, oppossite Charles Bridge. Free Wi-Fi.

Hotel At The Three Ostriches****


The Hotel U tri pstrosu (At the Three Ostriches) is located in the heart of the Prague historical centre right at the famous Charles Bridge.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.88 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.54 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.27 km
  • Prague Castle: 785 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 1.81 km
  • Charles Bridge: 424 meters
  • National Theatre: 804 meters
  • Nearest Subway station - 0,5 km
€ 128/night

Great location right at the Charles Bridge!

Hotel Constans****


traditional hotel in Prague Mala Strana (Lesser Town) is on a small hill and offers romantic accommodation in rooms with wooden beams and views of surrounding roofs.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.17 km
  • Main Railway st.: 3.25 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.98 km
  • Prague Castle: 232 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 2.51 km
  • Charles Bridge: 1.13 km
  • National Theatre: 1.41 km
  • Nearest Subway station - 1.1 km
€ 55/night

Secure parking right in hotel undergound garages

Hotel Green Lobster****


The building from 14th century has been attractively renovated to make your stay in Prague as comfortable as possible.

  • Airport (PRG): 11.97 km
  • Main Railway st.: 3.45 km
  • Old Town Square: 2.18 km
  • Prague Castle: 224 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 2.72 km
  • Charles Bridge: 1.34 km
  • National Theatre: 1.63 km
  • Nearest Subway station - 1 km
€ 76/night

Newly opened Luxury Hotel for competitive price.

Domus Henrici****


Hotel is located in the vicinity of Prague Castle area in Prague Lesser Town. Originaly designed rooms and south-facing terraces with a unique panoramic view of the entire city.

  • Airport (PRG): 11.66 km
  • Main Railway st.: 3.77 km
  • Old Town Square: 2.5 km
  • Prague Castle: 505 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 3.02 km
  • Charles Bridge: 1.65 km
  • National Theatre: 1.91 km
  • Nearest Subway station - 1 km
€ 117/night

southern terraces with a magnicifent view over the town

Hotel At The Green Grape****


A small boutique residence, just a few minutes walk from the Prague Castle or the Charles Bridge but still on the doorstep of the Old Town. Wine tastings right in the hotel Gothic cellar.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.1 km
  • Main Railway st.: 3.32 km
  • Old Town Square: 2.05 km
  • Prague Castle: 217 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 2.58 km
  • Charles Bridge: 1.21 km
  • National Theatre: 1.48 km
  • Nearest Subway station (MALOSTRANSKA) - 1 km
€ 166/night

Unique rooms in romantic house and neighborhood

Hotel Certovka****


Originally a baroque house, recently refurbished. The rooms have a view of the Prague Charles Bridge with Certovka river and panorama of the Prague Castle.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.99 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.43 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.16 km
  • Prague Castle: 889 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 1.7 km
  • Charles Bridge: 319 meters
  • National Theatre: 728 meters
  • Nearest Subway station - 0,5 km
€ 89/night

Romantic upon Certovka river, next to the Charles Bridge

Appia Hotel Residences****


Historical residence right on the top of hill under Prague Castle. Romantic Garden and underground parking are available to provide high standard of services.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.02 km
  • Main Railway st.: 3.4 km
  • Old Town Square: 2.13 km
  • Prague Castle: 236 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 2.66 km
  • Charles Bridge: 1.29 km
  • National Theatre: 1.56 km
  • Nearest Subway station - 1,5 km
€ 112/night

Luxury stay in quiet part of Lesser Town, under Prague Castle, free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel. The entire hotel is non-smoking.

Hotel Kampa Garden***


Pleasant three star hotel for non smokers offering calm accommodation directly in the heart of Prague on Kampa island near the Charles Bridge.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.97 km
  • Main Railway st.: 2.46 km
  • Old Town Square: 1.21 km
  • Prague Castle: 907 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 1.71 km
  • Charles Bridge: 356 meters
  • National Theatre: 651 meters
  • Nearest Subway station - 0,5 km
€ 116/night

Quiet central area of Kampa Island for very good price!

At the Golden Horse Shoe***


Hotel Aparthouse U Zlate podkovy is situated directly on the Royal Lane in the Lesser Town, only few steps from Prague Castle and the famous Charles Bridge.

  • Airport (PRG): 12.09 km
  • Main Railway st.: 3.33 km
  • Old Town Square: 2.06 km
  • Prague Castle: 147 meters
  • Wenceslav Sq.: 2.6 km
  • Charles Bridge: 1.22 km
  • National Theatre: 1.52 km
  • Nearest Subway station - 0.4 km
€ 96/night

Nice and cosy aparthouse in the very historical centre

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