Shopping in Prague

Old Town Square

Like any European city also Prague has its shopping malls, where you can find almost everything you possibly desire. Whether you prefer fashion, cars, souvenirs or antiques, Prague has it all.

In the center are located shops of prominent world brands. The most famous shopping street "Na Prikope" is located in the New Town, lower part of Wenceslas Square heading to the Municipal House and Square of Republic. There are many boutiques with fashion for ladies, men, teenagers and children. There is a shopping gallery Myslbek where all the worlds’ brands are under one roof. Shopping malls Palladium or Kotva are very near.

Small boutique shops, art shops and typical Czech souvenirs as Bohemian glassware and jewellers, puppets or natural souvenirs from Botanicus or Ceska Jizba are spread over whole historical center - mainly situated in the Old Town Area or in the Lesser Town.

Fashion shopping areas:

  • street Na Prikope with shopping malls Myslbek, Slovansky dum (Slavic house), Cerna ruze (Black rose)
  • shopping malls Palladium, Kotva are on the square of Republic
  • the Wenceslas Square
  • Parizska street (in the Jewish Town)

Souvenirs can be mainly found in these locations:

(Bohemian glassware, Becherovka, jewelery, puppets, etc.)

New Town - Wenceslas Square, street Na Prikope

Old Town - small streets close to Wenceslas Square (Celetna street, Zelezna street, Havelsky trh/market)

Lesser Town – streets close to Malostranske square and whole Royal route – mainly Mostecka street leading from the Charles Bridge, where you can find many shops in picturesque houses. Then Nerudova street leading to the Prague Castle.

Prague Castle Area – street Loretanska, Uvoz, Zamecke schody, Golden Lane (Zlata ulicka)

Charles Bridge is a home for small artist who offer here their artistic creations like a paintings, jewelry or pottery creations.

Recommended Czech souvenirs:

  • Bohemia crystal, cut glass (glasses, vases, bowls, plates or pitchers), Blue Glass or Czech porcelain (Carlsbad porcelain, Blue Onion porcelain)
  • Czech jewelry and beads - the most renowned is produced by JABLONEX in Jablonec nad Nisou.
  • Wooden Toys – traditionally handmade - they come in many different shapes and forms such a cars, dolls, fun moving toys or pull toys
  • Czech marionettes and puppets - traditionally hand carved from wood or made from plaster. They represent all types of characters as a clowns, kings, princess or devils.
  • Becherovka – herbal liquor made in Karlovy Vary. It is said that it has a medicinal properties.
  • Easter Eggs – nice Czech tradition, in souvenirs shops you can buy them all year around.
  • Czech spa water and wafers – Czech has many spa cities with many healing springs (Czech spa cities), favorite delicates is the spa wafers filled with vanilla, nut or chocolate
  • Czech beer – real treasury of Czech republic, should not be missed in any luggage

Useful money info

Czech currency: Czech Crown

Czech banknotes are issued in these denominations: 100/200/500/1000/2000/5000.

Most of the restaurants, hotels or shops situated in the city centre accept Euro (but it might be cheaper to pay in CZK...).

Credit Card acceptance:

The situation with acceptance of credit cards has greatly improved. You can pay by credit card at most hotels, shops and restaurants located in city center. However, it is always handy to have some cash with you (taxi, toilets).

Currency exchange:

There are many ways how to obtain Czech crowns (CZK). One option is to exchange the money in your country, but most will not offer such attractive rates. Thus it is preferable to obtain the Czech crowns in Prague.

Here are some options:

Money withdraws from cash points (ATM's) in Prague:

Probably the simplest way how to obtain the currency in Prague is to use a cash point (ATM). These accept credit/debit cards backed by MaterCard/EuroCard, Visa, American Express and Maestro. You usually receive a good exchange rate and your card provider will likely charge a small transaction fee too.

The cash points (ATM) are situated literally on every corner in Prague (including airport).

Currency exchange points:

If you carry cash with you the best place to exchange them is in currency exchange points. There are many of them situated in the city center, mainly around Wenceslas Square. Usually you can get there the best rates and mainly no commission.

Another option is to change your money in Czech and International banks. They generally offer good exchange rates, but the commission varies, so it is good to ask before the transaction.

Like everywhere else please be aware of small currency exchange booths. Some of them could offer a very good rate, but some of them may try to cheat on you.

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