La Veranda - Prague Restaurant

La Veranda is the restaurant introducing present world trends required by modern people living in capital cities.

  • friendly, informal but professional service
  • decently laid tables
  • and food


Very simple basic conception of the layout, which relies on contrast of colours. The atmosphere, airy and crystal clear, is created by the white ceiling, dominating white wall and lighting with glass screens. The illusion of sky, lightness and levitation is highlighted by a blue wall made of quartz sand. Nobility and the extraordinary quality is shown in the wooden floor of Brazilian walnut.

Wine bar

Here you can find wines from nearly all corners of the world, from California through Africa, Italy, France and as far away as Australia and New Zealand. Our range covers both, white and red wines as well as rosé and dessert wines. On request, you can examine the wine in detail and of course if you are interested, purchase it and even taste it on the spot. Great care is taken with the wines as far as storage and service is concerned so that nothing of the characteristic flavour and bouquet is lost.

Executive Chef

Radek David is the chef in the LA VERANDA restaurant. In 2002 he became the fifth chef to receive the "Cook of the Year 2001/2002" title in the last ten years. He took part in a number of European prestigious competitions in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Radek's cooking is original, refreshing, light and delicate. He tries to use all available groceries in such a way that will allow him to satisfy all of his guests. Radek uses his creativity and experience from his travels to Italy, Egypt, China, Paris and London to create perfect harmony and to present meals with interesting designs beautifully on a plate.

Map of Prague Restaurant La Veranda


La Veranda
Elisky Krasnohorske 2/10
Praha 1
110 00


Phone: 224 814 733



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