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Have you ever wanted to invite the lady of your heart or a few best friends to a club with great music, a unique atmosphere, exquisite food and an excellently stocked wine cellar, attentive staff?.but then you realise that the nearest such establishment that you can think of is in Paris or North Italy? If you have ever been faced with such a dilemma, then Golden Times now lie ahead! Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday we hold an evening of dance from 10 pm till the morning with the best music from the 60?s to the present.

Map of Prague Restaurant Zlate casy


Zlate casy
Vladislavova 1
Praha 1
110 00


Phone: 224 948 170

Fax: 224 948 170

Email: info@zlatecasy.cz

Web: http://www.zlatecasy.cz/about-us-16

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