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The typically Slovak restaurant offers nearly everything you can just imagine when thinking of Slovakia within Prague borders. At the same time, it is the right place for you to try typical Slovak dishes made only by original recipes. If you want to try original meals made by home recipes, our restaurant is exactly what You are looking for. Meals are made right in front of you and it's only up to you which one to choose. Grilled meat, typical national meals like Pirohy, Halušky, strings made of sheep cheese with their unmistakable taste, Slovak meat sausages or smoked gammon - and much more without having to travel any further to the East - we are importing all these delicious kinds of food for You. What would it be to have typical meals without typical drinks? Imported beer and many kinds of wines are there to be served together in a traditional way. World-famous Tatra tea and the original Borovička are there, too. The main room capacity is approx. 55 seats; plus there are two smaller lounges, each decorated in a special way (Farmer's lounge and Hunter's lounge), and each seating about 35 guests. These rooms are especially designed for groups that don't want to be disturbed. Koliba Javorník is the right place for all kinds of unique celebrations, romantic moments in an authentic atmosphere or else, parties for you and your friends. We are able to organize live-music at your request; there is a live cimbalom music every Friday and Saturday (6:30pm - 10:30pm - for free for our guests' pleasure). Sing the songs you like or learn new ones in the place so pleasant and comfortable that you forget to think about your everyday problems.

Map of Prague Restaurant Koliba Javornik


Koliba Javornik
Zufanova ulice
Praha 6
160 00


Phone: 235 310 130

Email: info@kolibajavornik.cz

Web: http://www.kolibajavornik.cz/en-slovak-koliba-javornik-in-prague.html

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