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In order to make your trip to Prague unforgettable, we have prepared a selection o sightseeing possibilities for you. Please note: all the listed tours are subject to availability and schedule. Should you be interested in any of these tours use the enquiry form and we will check the availability.

Prague Tours:


Prague has a unique collection of historical sights listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The historical center consist the Prague Castle (the seat of President of Czech Republic), The Lesser Town with unique architecture and the St. Nikolas Church, the Old Town with the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings, Josefov with the Jewish monuments), the Charles Bridge from 14th century and the New Town with Wenceslas and the Charles Square with the New Town Hall from the late 14th and early 15th centuries, rebuilt in the renaissance style in the 16th century.

Cesky Krumlov - UNESCO


Discover the popular, fairy-tale town overflowing with sights in South Bohemia.
Cesky Krumlov is a medieval town in Southern Bohemia, retains its fairytale-like atmosphere to these days and is well-deserving its inclusion on UNESCO's list of cultural heritage sites. Our guide will lead you through the narrow, winding streets of the historical center, filled with Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque buildings from the times of the Rožmberk, Eggenberg and Schwarzenberg noble families. Next, you can enjoy traditional Czech delicacies with lunch at a local restaurant. Finally, you will visit the local Castle Museum and have the unique opportunity to peek into secrets of castle depositories, which are reminiscent of the most important events related to owners Krumlov estate.

Karlovy Vary and Moser Factory


Look around the most important spa town and see Bohemian glass being made in right in front of you. Karlovy Vary is probably the best known spa town in the Czech Republic. Its history begins in the 14th century, at the time of the reign of Charles IV. The healing powers of the local springs have been even tested by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great and German poet Goethe. Karlovy Vary also became famous thanks to the local manufacturing of world renowned Moser crystal, Carlsbad porcelain or the herb liqueur Becherovka.

Karlstejn castle


Explore one of the most visited castles and a symbol of Czech history. Karlstejn Castle was built by Charles IV between 1348 and 1355. It originally served to safeguard the imperial and royal treasure and the Crown jewels and served also as the archive of state documents. This gothic castle, enchanting you with its monumental architecture is situated about 38 km southwest of Prague. This tour includes an hour lasting tour of the interiors.

Pilsen and Pilsner Urquell Brewery


The Pilsener style beer has been brewed in Pilsen since medieval times and the first written records about the brewing go back to very foundation of this Bohemian city. The tour will start by walking around the historical center. You will then have sufficient amount of time for lunch or refreshments. After lunch break you will visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery. There you will watch a short movie about the history and secrets behind making the legendary lager. You will also be guided through the modern bottling plant and the historic brewery cellars, where you have the chance to taste unfiltered and unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell on tap straight from oak lager barrels.

Terezín Memorial


Visit a town that served as a Jewish collection and concentration camp during World War II.
Terezin (Theresienstadt), originally a military fortress built in the 18th century by Emperor Josef II, is inseparably tied to the history of World War II. The better known walled garrison town of Terezin (Big Fortress) served as a collection camp for Jews from all over Europe and was misused for Nazi propaganda purposes. during. The less known Small Fortress was a cruel prison of the Reich’s secret police - the Gestapo. If you are interested in the history of World War II and the Holocaust, come with us to the Small Fortress of Terezin and to the museum located in the Big Fortress.

Kutna Hora - UNESCO


Kutna Hora was a medieval silver mining centre - once the second richest city in the Kingdom of Bohemia. The former wealth of the town is today reflected in the variety of architectural monuments and in the preserved structure of the town centre. The tour of Kutna Hora will not only take you to St Barbara’s Cathedral but also to many beautiful gothic, renaissance and baroque townhouses and to visit a Unixe stone fountain from the 15th century. You will also visit one of the most interesting burial grounds in the world: the Sedlec Ossuary. This chapel is decorated with more than 40 000 human bones, arranged into a chandelier, the Schwarzenberg Coat-of-Arms, and so on. Kutná Hora has been on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage sites since 1995.

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